hand-1044883_960_720When my mother was alive she use to say, ‘Let it go and move on, because you can’t bring back yesterday. All the good you do will be remembered.’

As I grow older I need to trust in this more and more.

I need to believe that my good deeds will live on. I need to believe that the people I love and have loved know that I take their love with me every where I go. Part of loving people is forgiving people who tell stories or assume the worse of you.

You may never be able to reconcile, but forgiveness is divine and it gives you a chance to be a better person. Here are some ways you can work toward forgiving. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you’re excusing what they did, that there isn’t still something to work out, and it especially does not mean that you can’t still have feelings about what happened.

It may seem like you’ll never escape the emotions you feel when you’ve been wronged, but time heals all wounds. You must also realize that people in our modern world live with serious damage. They live with abandonment, control and low self esteem issues.

Forgive them anyway.We tend to have a strong negativity bias: Almost all of us pay more attention to negative information than we do to positive information. No matter what recognize that the situation is not necessarily a reflection of you.

No matter what know that you can live in forgiveness. If you know that you were right let it go and let God.

Remember all the good you do will be remembered.

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