Everyone knows that people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) find fall and winter, with their lessened sunlight, hard seasons to get through. But did you know that some people continue to have seasonal depression in the spring when the rest of us are more likely to be in good spirits?

Ex-Army Cpt. Shateka Husser, who has a new book series called Soar Higher coming out this summer, can talk about why springtime remains challenging for people with depression. She can discuss:

  • The impact of seasonal depression on productivity, personal development, and overall success
  • How increasing self-awareness and understanding these symptoms gives a better quality of life
  • Seven sure ways to beat depression holistically (without resorting to medicine, money, shopping, or sex).

Husser, who calls herself the Soar Strategist, is no stranger to depression herself, having silently suffered from PTSD from her military experience. She notes that 8,000 veterans with PTSD commit suicide every year while half of the veterans who receive such a diagnosis are not treated for it.

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