Move Over Men: Multitasking Moms are Taking Over Mobile Gaming

 A recent survey from AviaGames, creator of the award-winning “Bingo Tour” app and Pocket7Games social competition gaming platform, revealed that multitasking moms are breaking barriers and defying the historically male-dominated gamer stereotype, as a growing number turn to mobile gaming for everyday entertainment, family connection and stress relief. With Mother’s Day around the corner, AviaGames engaged its community of Pocket7Games moms via an informal survey of over 33,000 U.S. female players with children to learn more about why they game and how mobile gaming fits into their busy lifestyles.

“As we look at different ways to celebrate mothers in the coming weeks, we thought it would be interesting to focus on what moms enjoy doing and how these activities impact everyday entertainment, relaxation and engagement with family,” said Vickie Chen, CEO and founder, AviaGames. “The impressive number of survey respondents emphasizes the era of the ‘stereotypical’ young male gamer is over and a new wave of multitasking moms are turning to mobile gaming for entertainment and social connection, and they are serious about it.”

While many factors have contributed to the popularity of gaming, including the pandemic, a big driver is technology and game design innovation making high-quality games accessible anytime and anywhere – smartphones are now the devices most used for gameplay in the U.S.As the community of gamers continues to expand and diversify, AviaGames is committed to creating a social competition gaming platform and a fair match-matching experience that is safe, accessible and inclusive to all. The recent Mother’s Day Survey highlights the needs and habits of users as AviaGames plans for future game design and focuses on ensuring everyone has a fair shot at mobile gaming fun. Following are the top findings: 

1.    Mobile Gaming Moms are Serious About Game Time
According to the research, nearly 33 percent of players who are moms consider themselves serious or hardcore mobile gamers, with 60 percent of respondents using it as an ongoing form of entertainment and 40 percent using it as an avenue to help relieve stress. In addition, the research also suggests that moms turn to gaming just about anytime they want, with nearly 70 percent of respondents enjoying playing games any time of day or during breaks throughout the day.   

2.    Mobile Gaming Moms Take Multitasking to New Levels
The survey data underscores the power of multitasking moms who prefer to watch TV or listen to music while mobile gaming. Additionally, nearly 70 percent of the moms who participated in the survey work full time or part time, highlighting their ability to switch on and off while playing multiple roles. From boss lady to mom to gamer, we learned AviaGames’ moms work hard to play hard, while also finding time for family.

3.    Moms Would Rather Mobile Game Than Sleep and Shop 
The numbers don’t lie. Data showed that almost half of the moms surveyed prefer playing mobile games instead of spending time with their partner – in the bedroom. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed would turn down extra ‘shut eye’ to get in a few more hours of mobile competition. Survey data also showed more than 40 percent would rather earn cash while mobile gaming than be out spending it on shopping sprees.

The informal survey reinforces a growing community of gamers – moms are playing a greater number and range of mobile games as they become part of the daily routine. From entertainment to stress relief to getting some “me time” occasionally, the survey provides a solid understanding of AviaGames’ social community of moms and helps reiterate the role they play in the mobile gaming community. 

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