work-it-out-wed-themeWe just came out of an election. It gave us a valuable lesson  that we need to apply.

Here is how you can make the world better.

1- Get involved in your community.  It is important that you do something in your community. Do not let the young people in your community grow up without having heard your presence in making their lives better.

2- Educate yourself. The more you know about things, the more knowledge you can pass on. The better versed you are in real stories the less likely you will fall for things that are silly. In other words, read more than the headline.

3. Connect with people in the real world. Step away from social media and actually call someone. Invite someone out to a movie or to dinner. Engage in real life contact. We are becoming a people who live exclusively behind the camera lens of our phones. That cannot be good for ur souls or minds.

4. Set real life goals. This may sound selfish, but it is not. When you set a real goal, you engage in what is happening in the world. When you engage in the world, you change the world. When you learn, you stretch and grow. You evolve. Your evolution may be exactly what leads to change in others.  Think about it. If your goal is to change something or do something you will by default change your immediate world. You will become exposed to different people. There may be someone who will see your change as inspiration. That inspiration may spark a change in them.

Change matter when you set your mind to do something. You naturally become more positive. When you are more positive everyone around you becomes positive.


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