As a cast member of Oxygen’s hit television series Preachers of LA, Chaney, his wife Myesha Chaney, and his three beautiful children Wayne III, Reign, and Cadence shared their lives with the world.

I have always been a fan of candidness and honesty. Saturday afternoon he shared the news that he and his wife are separating on his Facebook Feed.

He said:

I’ve always done my best to lead a life of openness and authenticity. In honoring my family I have attempted to be patient and thoughtful about when, and how, to share these changes. But there has been a continuing tug on my spirit, and I believe the most thoughtful way to move forward is with transparency about this difficult chapter in our family’s life.

As you read the above statement, please do so with care and the understanding that this decision was the most difficult one we have ever had to make. I am grateful in advance for your love, prayers, and support.


He expresses that he loves Myesha deeply and that the change comes with great sadness and difficulty that they divorce. You can view the Facebook posts below to read the beautifully written detailed letter.

Wayne is a dedicated activist who is strongly engaged civically as the former President of the California National African American Network, SBC, Board Member of the National African American Network, and on the Executive Board of the California Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Chaney serves on the Executive Board of Global Tribe International, whose mission is to rescue those in physical and spiritual poverty, reach communities with the gospel and recruit and empower young leaders. He is also the president emeritus of the Long Beach Ministers Alliance.

Here is a video of the couple in happier times.

I really wish them both the best. They were the nicest of folks to meet.

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