Jim Henson’s Family Hub Launches Safe Place for Family on YouTube

Jim Henson’s Family Hub, The Jim Henson Company’s online community for celebrating, supporting and connecting all kinds of families, has launched a new YouTube channel featuring full episodes, fun clips, weekly updates, and more. This kids safe channel (/HensonFamilyHub) showcases popular and iconic titles from the Company’s beloved catalog including Fraggle RockSid the Science Kid, Word PartyDinosaur Train, Splash and Bubbles, PajanimalsThe Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, and more.

The Jim Henson Company’s popular series Pajanimals is just one of many new titles offering free full episodes on YouTube.com/HensonFamilyHub

Jim Henson’s Family Hub on YouTube provides the perfect place online for kids of all ages to enjoy the high-quality entertainment that has become synonymous with The Jim Henson Company,” said Kerry Novick, Vice President of Global Distribution. “Parents can feel confident that these shows are appropriate for kids, as well as inspiring, engaging, and fun!”

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