Breast cancer awareness is expanding its purview this October, thanks to a new campaign aimed at the under-40 set.

Inspired by the ever-viral #FitCheck trend, the new and viral #TitCheck campaign from YITTY and Young Survival Coalition is rooted in an alarming fact: 80% of young women diagnosed with breast cancer find their breast abnormality themselves—many while getting dressed.

The campaign urges young adults to make their #FitCheck (checking an outfit before leaving the house) a #TitCheck by practicing “breast self-awareness.” Breast self-awareness is all about knowing what’s normal for your own breasts, so you can detect changes right away. It is also now the preferred way for young adults to check for breast changes that may indicate early-onset breast cancer.

The #TitCheck campaign features original artwork by global illustrator Marga Castaño and encourages young people to: Think about their breasts when they get dressed, Identify any changes, and Talk to their doctor. At the center of the campaign is a simple online survey that will help identify gaps in today’s understanding of breast self-awareness and breast cancer risk reduction and create opportunities for future education and research.

Stacy Lewis, Chief Program Officer and Deputy Chief Executive of Young Survival Coalition, an organization that supports the young breast cancer community, explains the focus of the survey. “Compared to older women, young women facing breast cancer generally have lower survival rates while remaining underrepresented in research studies. It is imperative we activate these young adults to get involved in the conversations, community, and research regarding early-onset breast cancer.”

In line with Young Survival Coalition, YITTY, Lizzo’s newly launched shapewear brand, is committed to driving important social change. “Our goal as a #TitCheck partner is to educate our community on the risks of breast cancer at a young age and help them understand how easy it is to check themselves and take control of their breast health,” says YITTY President, Kristen Dykstra. To drive early detection and improve survival rates, YITTY will be promoting the #TITcheck campaign across all brand platforms throughout the month of October.

OHG’s Purpose Group spearheaded the creative for the campaign. Dina Peck, CCO of Patients & Purpose and Science & Purpose adds, “The #TitCheck campaign was built with purpose, and it uniquely impacts not just the young adults of today, but the ones of tomorrow.” The initial creator of the #TitCheck campaign was Stephanie Markell, EVP, Group Creative Director of Science & Purpose, who led an integrated team across The Purpose Group with Michele Monteforte, EVP, Group Creative Director.

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