How You Can Go To The Next Level Today #Extramileday

In 2011, the Extra Mile America foundation, in conjunction with mayors from 228 United States cities, declared November 1 Extra Mile Day. In 2014, the number of celebrating cities in the United States rose to 527.

The dedication of celebrating individuals and organizations towards the Extra Mile initiative each year is quite overwhelming.

The celebration was designated as a way to appreciate our ability to positively impact the world around us. Created by Shawn Anderson in 2009, Extra Mile America empowers individuals and organizations to go the extra mile and be the change they want to see in the world.

With Extra Mile Day, the founders aimed to inspire action and a positive outlook towards life.

The observance is meant to motivate people to focus on living a fulfilling life free of limits. The day sheds light on what we can achieve if we harness our potential.

  1. Go the extra mile in your career
    We all have career goals and new heights we hope to achieve in our jobs. Use this observance as the fuel you need to do more towards reaching those goals. Create a workable plan and dedicate time to seeing it through.
  2. Go the extra mile in your relationships
    This holiday is a great opportunity for you to spice up your relationship. Whether it’s a spouse, friend, sibling, or parent, do something special for your loved ones today.
  3. Volunteer or make a donation
    Volunteering is among the best ways to leave a positive impact on the world around you. Why not make the world a better place by contributing your time or money to those in need.

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