Alzheimer’s Disease may be one of the cruelest diseases because a sufferer seemingly “disappears” until the person they were — no longer exists. National Alzheimer’s Disease Month, each November, reminds us that over 5 million Americans suffer.

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), a form of dementia, impacts memory, thinking, and behavior. AD ranks as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the most common form of dementia in 60-80% of all diagnosed cases. Learn the symptoms, treatments, and latest research, as well as how you can help.

You can lose your sense of smell

People with AD often lose their sense of smell — which can be an early sign of the disease.

​Drink your coffee

​A team of French and German researchers discovered that caffeine and coffee may delay memory decline.

​It’s linked to heart disease

​Heart disease heightens your AD risk due to vascular dementia stemming from narrowed blood vessels in the brain caused by less oxygen.

​Its costs are sky high

​In 2050, treatment costs for AD are expected to balloon to $1 trillion.

​It impacts women more than men

​Brain shrinkage in women appears to be more severe than in men.

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