Ashanti’s new song Falling For You is not only great, but it is empowering too. This is the song we have all been waiting for that beats the tracks on air now. It’s respectfully strong voiced and is a grown woman’s approach to relationship issues.

Take a look at the lyrics below:

No more falling for your games/ I know you ain’t gon’ change
I ain’t tryna let my guard down/ You gotta know I’m still in pain
And it’s driving me insane (insane) / I can have you how I want, how?
Did it get as bad, for making me laugh/ For making me sad so much when you think about it
Not stuck in the past, you put on a mask/ I’m not turning back
You came in now you walking out

I can’t do nothing but be real with you/ I just don’t feel the same, so over you (over you)
No more falling for you (for you)/I’m so over falling for you (for you)

Here is the thought provoking music video.

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