A new study found that 67% of Americans celebrating Easter are visiting multiple grocery stores to find all the items they need to prepare Easter dinner this year. The average shopper stops by three stores to check all the items off their list. The hassle leaves 59% stressed out by grocery shopping. Here to help hosts skip the Easter-shopping marathon, The Honey Baked Ham Company® offers convenient Easter meal options that come with tasty proteins, heat & serve sides and decadent desserts.

Quarter Ham Meal
Quarter Ham Meal
Signature Honey Baked Ham Meal
Signature Honey Baked Ham Meal
Coconut Cake
Coconut Cake

The research also revealed that 78% find hosting a large dinner in their home to be stressful. Almost half of respondents say hosting a large dinner is more stressful than catching a plane before the gate closes or taking the SATs. This year, in addition to their immediate family, Easter hosts expect to welcome an average of five guests at their table.

What has hosts so stressed?

  • Determining how much food to prepare (41%)
  • Worrying about how clean their home is (40%)
  • Figuring out how long it will take to prepare or cook food (40%)
  • If guests will like the food (39%)
  • If guests will have enough food (37%)

“While HoneyBaked® may not be able to help with cleaning, we can help with delicious food and simple meal prep,” said Tripp McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer of The Honey Baked Ham Company. “We also take the hassle out of planning with a variety of complete meal options for Easter, including a mix of our signature hams, turkeys and easy-to-serve sides. You can also add on one or more of our delicious desserts to finish your meal.”

Almost three in four (73%) people believe that Easter should be as stress-free as possible. But 74% claim it is a challenge to find what they need while food shopping.

  • 80% find grocery shopping for a large gathering is even more stressful than regular shopping
  • Planning dinners starts seven days in advance and shopping starts six days out
  • 42% spend more time shopping today than they did five years ago
  • The average person spends 41 minutes shopping for groceries each week
  • Ahead of hosting friends and family, respondents average 51 minutes per trip

“There is no need to visit multiple grocery stores for Easter Dinner,” continued McLaughlin. “HoneyBaked’s one-stop-shop offers everything you need. Plus, you get our signature, sweet and crunchy glaze on your ham and turkey which will have everyone asking for seconds.”

HoneyBaked Easter meals are sure to please gatherings of all sizes. Try any of the following from a local retail location:

  • Quarter Ham Meal has a Quarter Bone-In Ham and three Heat & Serve Sides like Maple Sweet Potato Souffle, Green Bean Casserole, Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin and Double Cheddar Mac & Cheese. Serves 4-8.
  • Signature Honey Baked Ham® Meal includes a Bone-In Half Ham (8 or 9 lbs.) and four Heat & Serve Sides. Serves 10-16.
  • Honey Baked Ham® & Turkey Feast comes with a Bone-In Half Ham, Turkey Breast and four Heat & Serve sides. Serves 12-16.
  • NEW Half Boneless Ham Meal consists of a Half Boneless Ham and three Heat & Serve sides. Serves 4-6.
  • Coconut Cake, a limited time seasonal offer, is loaded with layers of coconut crème filling, whipped frosting and savory coconut shavings.

All meal offerings above are available for purchase at your nearest HoneyBaked location or visit honeybaked.com to buy online and pick up in store. 

For additional savings, enjoy $5 off any Bone-In Half Ham or Easter meal during Gold Pick Up Days. Just select early pickup at retail stores, only on April 4-5, 2023 (coupon required). HoneyBaked also offers a wide variety of meals, proteins, sides and desserts that ship directly to your home. Visit honeybaked.com to order your Easter meal or pick up at your nearest HoneyBaked location.

Skip the unnecessary stress and the long grocery store lines this Easter. HoneyBaked is here to take meal prep off your hands with delicious and easy-to-serve meals that will leave all guests wanting more. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter!

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