Spring Cleaning: 3 Clean Ups for Your Finances

It’s spring-cleaning time.  It’s time to make things a little easier. This is th perfect time to reset the button.

Take a look at your budget. Pull out your household budget, or spending plan. This is probably the most important piece of information you have about your finances. Are you paying for something you no longer use? Eliminate it.

Check your retirement accounts. If you have old 401(k) accounts from a previous job, and now’s a good time to streamline your retirement funds.

Shred your paper. Talk about two birds with one stone! You’re cutting down on both paper clutter and your risk of identity theft. Buy a new shredder and clan up all the paper that surrounds you.

Most of all, think about your money. Wc think about everything else being flipped, changed and recharged, but never think about our daily  finances.

Take  a moment to reflect.

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