On Godparent’s Day, we honor the godparents of our past, thank the godparents supporting our children today, and look ahead to strengthen godparent relationships in the future. This one is close to my heart as I love all my godchildren and work every day to make them proud of me.

The role of a godparent is a longstanding, rich tradition, practiced across many faiths and countries around the world. Godparents provide support through faith-based milestones, and encourage character, values, and decision-making skills that contribute to community-focus and good citizenship.

A prayer for yourself:

Lord God,
I pray that you will guide and support me in being a godparent.
Give me your wisdom and your love.
Help me to be a good example of Christian living
and keep me mindful of my precious godchild [child’s name]. Amen.

A prayer for your godchild:

Heavenly Father,
thank you for the gift of [child’s name]
and for all the joy she/he brings us.
Be with her/him on her/his Christian journey
so she/he may come to know our Lord Jesus Christ
as Saviour and friend. Amen.

Godparent relationships extend support networks for families, creating mutual commitments and shared responsibilities for the growth and development of children and teens. So, we celebrate godparents annually and their enduring contributions to children and families.

Godchildren don’t forget to reach out. Godparents keep praying for them and try some of the below ideas.

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

Keep your godchild’s photo in a place you’ll see every day.
Visit a local restaurant that serves food from your godchild’s country.
Add your godchild’s birthday to your calendar. Send them a card. . . or eat their favorite food in their honor.
Wear your godchild’s favorite color and take a picture to send them (and let them know why you chose the outfit!)
Rent a movie from your godchild’s country and have a movie night with your family.
Listen to your godchild’s favorite singer or music by a singer from the country they live in.
Plan a trip to visit your godchild.

On Godparents Day, it’s a tradition for the godchild to give a gift to their godparents. Sometimes, it’s more of a sentimental gift, like a card or craft, or even sharing a special prayer. Other gifts, especially as the child gets older, could be jewelry or personalized gifts like T-shirts, mugs, photo frames, and blankets. A special gift may just be a phone call, especially if the godparent and godchild haven’t seen each other in a while. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just special.

In addition to a family meal, a godchild may just spend some special time with their godparent on that day. It could be going out to lunch and a movie. They may choose to go to a sports game, museum, or some other special place that both the godchild and godparent will enjoy. The two spending quality time together regularly is key, but hanging out on Godparents Day would mean a lot to both the godparent and the child. 

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