In 2022, a record number of people traveled over the July 4th weekend and this year, Americans will be taking to the road again. According to a new consumer survey from Winnebago Industries, Inc, Americans are increasingly looking to the outdoors and road trips to improve mental well-being and to combat the rising costs of flights, lodging and car rentals.

Be Prepared This Fourth Of July With The Ultimate Emergency Kit
Be Prepared This Fourth Of July With The Ultimate Emergency Kit

CTEK, the global leader in battery charging solutions, advises Fourth of July travelers to protect against dead batteries whilst on an adventure, by packing the CTEK CS FREE®, the ultimate charging solution for people picnicking, travelling outdoors, or off-grid. But what happens if an emergency strikes when you are celebrating, and you find yourself stuck with a dead battery or a dead phone battery a long way from home after a long weekend or day outdoors. CTEK offers a great emergency kit to keep you connected and moving.

The CTEK CS FREE is a 4-in-1 portable battery charger, smart maintainer, adaptive booster and a hi-tech power bank. The unique adaptive booster can safely restart a dead vehicle battery within only 15 minutes! It’s a safe-start that can be used instead of jump starting or using a traditional booster – it won’t damage the battery or the vehicle electronics. With the portable solar panel kit, you can even recharge it when you’re out in the middle of nowhere! The CS FREE can be used to charge your vehicle battery, making sure that you’ll be able to travel far and wide, or boost your battery when it’s running out of charge.

When used as a hi-tech power bank, you’ll never have to worry about uncharged devices again, just hook it up to the solar panel and you’ll never run out of power. Keep your head cool and bring the CS FREE with you, for worry-free travelling wherever you go.

Bobbie DuMelle, President North America said, “after a few uncertain years, people are more optimistic about travelling again. With the current sociopolitical and economic climate, travelers want holidays that help them escape from reality and switch off, perhaps with only the basics included. Picnicking and camping are the perfect long weekend get-away. Don’t let a dead battery ruin your July 4th celebration, carry the CS FREE – it’s the ultimate emergency kit!”

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