skincareWhile  you are taking care of your soul, home and family, don’t forget your body matters to. The temple that houses your soul deserves tender love and care too!

It is all too common to suffer skin damage from soaking up too much summer sun. Unfortunately, too much time in the sun can lead to UV-induced sun spots, acne, lines and wrinkles!

Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Mark is sharing his tips for repairing summer skin damage so you can look and feel your best come the fall:

1. Identify the Damage: The sun can wreak havoc on your skin leading to sun spots, blotchy pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles as well as clogged pores. All of these things can lead to a dull, less toned, and less radiant complexion making it imperative to isolate the problem.

2. Begin with a Fresh Face: Cleansing your face helps to prepare the canvas, making it easier to penetrate beneficiary anti-aging ingredients. Dr. Mark recommends his one step process All-In-One Cleanser, which effectively and safely cleanses and tightens, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

3. Use Exfoliants: Exfoliants help unclog pores, smooth the skin, fade blemishes, and send signals to the dermis to produce collagen. Dr. Mark’s Moisture Cure and Exfoliating and Hydrating Mask contain natural and plant-sourced alpha hydroxyl acids that assist with this process.

4. Incorporate Antioxidants into your Regimen: Antioxidants produce new collagen and sift free radicals. Dr. Mark’s Antioxidant Boost contains Astaxanthin – “nature’s most potent antioxidant,” which is up to 1000-times stronger than Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Vitamin E, helping to firm sun damage caused by the sun.

5. Protect Your Eyes: One of the most delicate areas of the skin for damage is the eye area. The sun, wind and squinting can cause wrinkles and irritation. Dr. Mark’s Tighten and Lighten Eye Cream has a unique combination of key ingredients that not only treats the contour of the eye, it also safely lifts the fold of the upper eyelid.

Additionally, Dr. Mark says to keep an eye out for key ingredients like Shea butter, acai oil and Argan oil, which can help restore rejuvenate the outer layers of your skin.

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