Today, Busbud, a global ground transportation booking platform, releases its findings of a comprehensive data analysis of routes near the busiest airports during the Thanksgiving travel week when it is faster, cheaper, and more eco-friendly to take the bus than fly. The company shares 12 routes commonly traveled across the U.S. originating at the airports that are anticipated to have the highest volume of airport travelers on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Avoid the Busiest Airports This Thanksgiving: Busbud Shares Routes Where Bus Travel Beats Flying (CNW Group/Busbud)
Avoid the Busiest Airports This Thanksgiving: Busbud Shares Routes Where Bus Travel Beats Flying (CNW Group/Busbud)

According to AAA, more than 55 million Americans travel over 50 miles during the Thanksgiving holiday. Of these Americans, more than 4.5 million are anticipated to fly to their Thanksgiving destination. The 10 busiest airports during Thanksgiving week are Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International AirportDallas Fort Worth International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Denver International Airport, Miami International Airport, Chicago O’Hare Airport, Orlando International Airport, Harry Reid International Airport (Las Vegas), John F. Kennedy International Airport (NYC), and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Below are 12 commonly traveled routes from these airports when it is faster, cheaper, and more eco-friendly to take the bus than fly.

Price / Travel time / Emissions
Airport & RouteBus carriers include
(all bookable on Busbud)
BusPlaneSavings (%)
ATLAtlanta to MontogomeryGreyhound$492hr 40min9kg CO2$2053hr 45min65kg CO2-76% $ savings-86% reduction in emissions
ATLAtlanta to BirminghamGreyhound$442hr 30min8kg CO2$2193hr 21min59kg CO2-80% $ savings-86% reduction in emissions
DFWDallas to HoustonMegabus, Flixbus, Red Coach, Greyhound$623hr 10min13kg CO2$894hr 7min99kg CO2-30% $ savings-87% reduction in emissions
DFWDallas to AustinMegabus, Flixbus, Turimex, Red Coach, Greyhound$473hr11kg CO2$893hr 53min84kg CO2-47% savings-87% reduction in emissions
LAXLA to San DiegoTufesa, Flixbus, Greyhound$202hr 10 min7kg CO2$1894hr 5min48kg CO2-89% $ savings-84% reduction in emissions
LAXLA to Las VegasLas Vegas Shuttles, Tufesa, Flixbus, Greygound$514hr 43min14kg CO2$584hr 44min103kg CO2-12% $ savings-86% reduction in emissions
DENDenver to Colorado SpringsGreyhound$171hr 25min4kg CO2$1503hr 46min32kg CO2-89% % savings-87% reduction in emissions
MIAMiami to SarasotaRed Coach$504hr 5min13kg CO2$774hr 30min79kg CO235% $ savings-84% reduction in emissions
ORDChicago to IndianapolisGreyhound$313hr10kg CO2$794hr 38min78kg CO2-61% $ savings-87% reduction in emissions
ORDChicago to MadisonCoach USA, Flixbus$402hr 35min8kg CO2$794hr 24min48kg CO2-49% $ savings-83% reduction in emissions
JFKNYC to AlbanyTrailways, Wanda Coach, Greyhound$132hr 30min8kg CO2$1794hr 36min64kg CO2-93% $ savings-87% reduction in emissions
PHXPhoenix to TusconTufesa, Flixbus, Greyhound$401hr 55min6kg CO2$2743hr 26min49kg CO2-85% $ savings-88% reduction in emissions

“Thanksgiving travel is often dreaded by many airport travelers who anticipate extended security lines, delays, or even canceled flights. What many travelers might not realize is that it’s often faster and cheaper to take the bus compared to short-haul flights,” says Christine Petersen, CEO of “In addition to saving time and money, bus travel is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint as you travel to see family and friends this Thanksgiving.”

Save More Than An Hour Traveling This Thanksgiving:

  • Many popular routes will save more than an hour when traveling by bus. This includes routes from the busiest U.S. airports such as LAX to San Diego, Denver to Colorado Springs, NYC to Albany, and Phoenix to Tucson.
  • Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport during the Thanksgiving travel week. Travelers from Atlanta to Montgomery can save nearly a third of their time traveling by bus instead of flying. And, travelers going from Atlanta to Birmingham can save more than a quarter of their time when traveling by bus instead of flying.

Save Money When Traveling By Bus to Your Thanksgiving Feast:

  • Traveling by bus can result in significant savings. Traveling by bus from NYC to Albany saw the largest savings with a reduction of 93% of the total cost compared to flying.
  • Taking the bus instead of flying from the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, LAX, Denver, NYC’s JFK, and Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airports all had more than 80% in savings.

Positively Impact The Earth & Your Pie Budget:

  • According to, traveling by bus reduces your carbon footprint by at least 83% on all highlighted popular routes from the busiest airports.
  • Carbon emissions were reduced most significantly on the route from Phoenix to Tucson where carbon emissions were reduced by 88%.

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