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In 2014, news broke that Hank Baskett had an affair with a transgender model while his wife Kendra Wilkinson was eight months pregnant.

Last night we saw Hank finally confess to Kendra what the story was.  Hank said he was framed by a transsexual while going to purchase drugs.

Last April, Baskett says he encountered a couple in a grocery store parking lot smoking marijuana. The former football player, 32, says he approached the couple to buy some pot; they gave him a phone number to call and, when he did, he was provided an address. Once he showed up at the home, Baskett says he used the restroom and when he emerged,

Baskett vehemently denies the allegations that claim mutual masturbation took place and that Baskett sought out the woman specifically after he found photos of her online. After telling the story to Kendra Hank became visibly upset and excuse himself to vomit.

Now here are my questions:

1- Why did you wait so long to tell Kendra?

2- After the initial shock you should have bolted like a track player. Why stand there and why negotiate.

The lesson here boys and girls is that YOU DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS. Those people obviously identified who he was. They judged by his reaction that they were going to get paid! Once again, never place yourself in the mere presence of poor planning. I like Kendra and Hank felt confident enough to stick it out in their marriage. What Hank should have done was just come clean.He did more damage by stretching it out.

I liked Kendra back during her days at the Playboy Mansion. I am sure of her reaction to this all came from that timen her life.  Read her former cast-mate  Holly’s book and yo are positive that poor Kendra has some damage.

In any event, kudo to Kendra for taking her story to WeTv and getting it done as they say.

Check out what Kendra said on the talk show The Real below.

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  1. This season has been so interesting. I can’t believe how Hank is! I wish Kendra would have moved on to someone who isn’t hiding things or lying.

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