Start that change!

Have you ever wished you could step outside your comfort zone? Part of living is making sure that you do just that. In life we take chances. Nothing stays the same. Did you make your bucket list? No seriously, think about the things that you want to do in life.

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How many of those things require action and plans?

Career Change: Listen everyone gets to a point in their career plan where they feel stuck. I have been there. The first thing you need to do is make a list of what you would like to do. Next is to start talking to people. For me, this was the scariest part of the journey. Make a realistic plan. Learn abut the company and place you want to go to.  Figure out what makes you valuable to a team.

Personal Space Change: Take  a  moment and figure out what is making you unhappy or that you need to change. If there is something in your home you want to change make concrete plans. Get the supplies you need. You wouldn’t paint a wall without first picking your color, getting your supplies.  The same is true of anything you want to altar in your home.  Try different music. It can’t hurt. Put on a station you wouldn’t normally listen to. Read a book by a different author in a different genre.

Physical Change: Start small. If you want to lose weight start by eliminating soda. Remove unhealthy snacks. Add in fruit that you like. Add one extra spoonful of veggies. Walk a little more. Put in that extra foot or two. Little changes lead to bigger changes.

Change requires you losing fear. Don’t be afraid. Change is good and can breathe a dash of life into a life gone stale with mundane routines.

Good Luck!

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