Photo Credit:orethawinstonhunter
Photo Credit:orethawinstonhunter

When a parent enters into another plain, we are reminded of the great lesson they leave on us. Some of them more evident then others. When I look into the mirror I see my mother’s eyes. There are lessons that we get that often don’t resonate until they are gone.

Here are the 7 that resonate with me:

#7- Laugh…. Yes laughter is the medicine of the soul. It is the salve that makes things better.

#6- Dream… You need to have a moment to envision things. Ambition never killed anyone.

#5- Dance… A little dancing is great for he body and you will instantly smile. It shows joy. Dance through life with an open heart.

#4- Honor… Let no man or woman steal you away from what is honorable and right. That means children come first. God is King.  Know what honor means to doing the right thing. If you have a  certain set of morals, don’t let someone take them away.  Don’t lower your bar. So like the adage says if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

#3- Stability… Offer stability and give yourself stability in all things. Stop filling your life with false possibilities and get some work done. Plan for life now, not tomorrow. Live life right.

#2- Honesty.,.  If it’s broken move on. Don’t linger in the lie of life. No one benefits from a life set on struggle. Stop telling yourself that the person will be better tomorrow and they won’t ever be. Stop making excuses.

#1-Self Preservation … It should be the guide to all things. If they are lousy before, they are forever lousy. If you are in the exact same place in life you have been in for years, something is wrong. GET OFF THE MERRY GO ROUND!

Seven lessons that I have become aware of in 7 years.

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