microphone-626618_640That’s a headline for you. That’s how I feel about Disney’s malcontent Miley Cyrus. It’s likely she will never read or even know, much less care about this post, but it must be said. I am a huge music fan. HUGE. I love all kinds of music. I am just utterly disturbed by the freak show that Miley Cyrus has become.

  • Yes, I appreciate that she is 22 years old, but she does not get a pass.
  • Yes, I appreciate that she wants to be seen as a woman, but you don’t have to walk around nude.
  • Yes, I appreciate that she has had a few catchy hits, but I don’t need to hear your every song be a rebellious spoiled brat’s rant.

The MTV awards is old news by now, but I am not the only person that found her hosting  something akin to watching a car accident on an icy road in the dead of winter. Do you get the visual?  She single handedly took tasteless to a whole new level. The constant insistence to show her body off was too much. Like my title says, lost sheep get eaten by wolves. I cannot see how this could have been advisable on any level.

The snickering, sneering and jeering that washed over  social  media last week did nothing for her brand.

One writer shared:

Miley put some clothes on, put your tongue in your mouth, and learn some class and manners!

This year’sVMA’s was the lowest ever, actually down 18% from the year before:

Miley may go down in history as the person that killed off the VMA awards! = No more moon man awards!!!!

The best comment was:

Lets see — real people parade around all the time nude, glorify getting high, try too hard to be raunchy and to convince others that they are happy? If that’s real, let me be a fake, please! Nice try, Miley. You have just confirmed what I really thought all along; behind that circus act that you are putting on for the world, lies a very lonely, insecure girl.

I ‘m wishing for you to find sincere happiness one day and rejoin the world that you once had but checked out of, for whatever reason.

Actually, when you think about it, the show as a whole,was just one long  tasteless burlesque show. The closing was simply pathetic. In the hopes of getting people to accept her free wheeling, pot smoking rebellious identity she repelled more than she attracted. Sure there were great moments on the show. As a whole though, the show was tepid at best.

What we were watching was a young woman desperate to be noticed. Her outrageous Instagram photos display the cry for attention. Honey, no one really cares who you find amorous. What we do care about is your need to ram it down everyone’s throat every time we see you.  This is becoming tiring. Bragging about being an open pothead is not a glory moment.  Last I checked in Hollyweird, pot was still a gateway drug. At this rate, it is clear that her “look at me” plan has reached fever pitch.

I saw the Instagram photos of her  “entertaining” herself.  The kids call that being ‘thirsty’. I call that NASTY. Just plain nasty. See, I paid attention to you Miley. I do see you as a lone sheep wandering off into what you think are greener pastures. They are not greener pastures, the grass there is not as sweet. It’s tainted with bitter weeds of debasement and abuse. The water is tainted with vanity, waste, thievery and false promises. You’re twenty two years old for the love of God. You have many more years to come. When you rage in flames this brightly, you burn out and scorch the earth you need. In your  case, you have become a loose cannon. I am sure MTV will not invite you back.

Swearing and boasting about drug use is not a hallmark that can be admired. When you campaigned for the homeless teenagers you got attention and respect. Lay down the shock jock act. Go back to where the other sheep are and help them fend in the big scary field of  transition.

Stay away from the sneaky wolves who want to eat you.

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