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Today is National Acts of Kindness Day. We all struggle. We all stress. Today try not to stress.

In fact, we can’t help but love! It’s part of the human condition. You can’t have ‘humankind’ without ‘kind’, after all.

We just need to remember to look beyond ourselves, and see the need in others as well as ourselves.

It can sometimes be hard, but it’s immediately, demonstrably worthwhile… because it only takes one kind act to powerfully affect us.You are suppose to show others love. Here are three simple ways that you can show some kindness to someone.

  1. When someone tells you they have an upcoming job interview, a test, or a doctor appointment, mark it on your calendar. Follow up on the big day with a note of encouragement to let them know you are praying for them, or ask them how it went afterward. Better yet, do both!
  2. If you see someone moving in, bring them dinner, cookies, or basic supplies they might need before they unpack, like paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap.
  3. Practice random acts of kindness. Take your neighbor’s trash out, or put their trash can away after pick-up. Mow their lawn or shovel their snow “just because.” Help someone at the supermarket.

You may make the difference in someone’s life.

We know how important kindness is because we’ve all felt how important it is. But that’s not the only reason we know. Scientific studies have shown that random acts of kindness are good for you! They improve your life satisfaction by increasing your sense of belonging and self-worth, and they improve your health by decreasing your anxiety, depression and blood pressure

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