We all have felt bad at some point.We all have doubts from time to time. It is in those times that we need faith. I always think of Natalie as your best girlfriend. She is sincere in her thoughts and for that sh she should be commended.

Natalie Grant shared a fear that most women have faced from time to time and she shared the resolution of thoughts when she posted:

12814510_10153935298195421_1643405216631531052_nYesterday fear began to set in like an ominous dark cloud over my head. “You’re a terrible mother” kept playing like a broken record over and over in my head. Though I know it’s a lie, fear seems to be such a difficult thing to silence, doesn’t it? Isn’t it funny that when we seem to make a declaration, we will be put to the test time and time again. I declared “faith over fear” as my statement of 2016. Not because I’ve mastered it. But because I’m so far from living it most days. But I declared that I would CHOOSE ‪#‎faithoverfear‬. Several months back I designed this necklace which is what led me to choose this as my 2016 resolution. I thought, “I need a wearable reminder.”
It was strangely comforting to hear from so many of you who share my struggle. We sold out of these stainless steel, nickel-free necklaces from NG by Natalie Grant so quickly. We finally have them back in stock here and they will sell out quickly:…
I pray as you wear it, you will live it. Stay strong. Choose faith even when you don’t feel it. Choose truth to silence the lies.
PS: Yesterday in the midst of my struggle, I received an unexpected text from a mom of a girl in my twins 3rd grade class. She simply said “thank you for raising such wonderful girls.” Wow. Perfectly timed words to help my faith rise and my fear fall. Her kindness spoke life to me and helped me silence the lie. Kindness wins every time.

Truth doesn’t depend on what you like or on what makes most sense to you personally. Truth is something you have to commit to seeking outside of yourself. The wonderful thing about Christianity is that its truth hinges on a single event: Jesus’ resurrection.

Here is a song to brighten your day:

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