broken heartedWe live in a world of uncertainty. Events that seem to be sudden, random or uncontrollable add to the feeling of terror and fear.

Terror may occur due to traumatic accidents, or could be done by certain groups or individuals in order to achieve a goal. Following are examples of different types of terrorism:

  • Governments or groups may create terror in order to control people. Bombings, invasions, and releasing biological or chemical weapons all create terror. These groups try to scare people so that they will do whatever the controlling group wants them to do.
  • Natural events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, wildfires, and earthquakes may also create terror. They do this because they seem to happen randomly. Natural events can make us feel unsafe and helpless.
  • Accidents such as car, train, or plane crashes may create terror. These events may not only terrorize the victims. They may also terrorize the caregivers who arrive on the scene to help or family members and friends. This happens because family and friends may imagine over and over the horror their loved ones went through.

Disbelief and denial, anger, guilt, bargaining, depression and acceptance. There is no way to prevent terror from happening. Terror is the natural result of random, unexpected, extremely traumatic events. Talking about the event to a family member or friend may help.

Seek out help!  Talk to your faith leader. Do not go it alone.

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