spiral-notebook-381032_640Spring Break is a time for fun – a welcome diversion from the rigors of school.

Students gather their friends and take to the highways to destinations offering the possibility of good times. Houston attorney,Terry Bryant said, “Unfortunately, those good times often lead to the consumption of alcohol by the college-age crowd, and sometimes even by those who are not legally able to obtain it.”

At best, alcohol consumption by young drinkers can result in misdemeanor citations or DUIs. At worst, it can result in a vehicular fatality. In either case, the result will impact a young person’s life in areas of future employment, driving penalties, property losses, medical bills, criminal records or funerals.

Obviously, the best way to prevent these possibilities is to not drink at all. However, the reality is that young spring breakers will be concentrating their energies on having good times, often involving alcohol.

That being the case, Bryant offered a few tips that can spare the consequences later.

  • If you have been drinking, do not attempt to drive. Call a taxi or a service like Uber or Lyft.
  • Take a bus, subway, train, or other form of mass transit.
  • If a “designated driver” has been appointed and has not drank, use that person to transport everyone home. If there is no designated driver, call a friend or family member.
  • If there are no safe transportation options, stay where you are, if possible.

In many states, alcohol-impaired drivers can face thousands of dollars in fines, legal fees, vehicle impoundment, storage, and other costs. All of these unfortunate possibilities can be avoided by being proactive.

For more information please visit www.terrybryant.com.

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