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Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ has been on Broadway for a while. Yet, it wasn’t until this past week when I saw it, did I fully understand the the true drive.

First of all, the stage production is magnificent. The show takes you into the heart of the jungle. You are lost with the costumes and music. It is almost as if, any minute from now you will smell the sweet breeze of the trees. L. Steven Taylor who plays Mufasa makes you believe the power of a king. The songs and music are absolutely entrancing. The young Simba and Nahla have a scene that will stay with you for many years after you leave the audience.

The set is a startling testimony to the magic of live production. Mufasa’s death scene is STUNNING! The sets use of lights,color and props is unlike anything that I have ever seen. The choreography keeps you riveted in your seat.

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On another deeper level there is a lesson about people and real leadership. Scar’s constant manipulation leads to near extermination of the pack. Manipulative people endeavor to make you side with them or do something they want you to do that is to their benefit, without directly asking. Mild forms of manipulation can be found in every ‘how to win friends and influence people’ text ever written. Sales training courses outline similar approaches and teach persuasion tactics and ‘closing’ strategies to get people to make buying decisions.

Manipulation uses guilt, shame, threats and other nasty tricks to achieve its aims and most of us have experienced some form of this emotional ‘blackmail’ at some stage on our journeys.

It was wonderful to see the “Lion King‘ take this great issue on in the midst of the simple storytelling of a young man come of age.

This will be  a great night out for you with or without the kids. You will talk about it all the way home.

You can get your tickets here.


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