kind notesJust because they’re off to college or entering the working world, doesn’t mean they have to feel far, far away. Parents, we know it’s a tough time when you have to say goodbye to your son or daughter after they graduate high school or college. But there’s a way to show them love that doesn’t require being there in person. KindNotes allow you to leave 31 different loving messages. You can choose from ready-made messages or you can personalize each note. When your graduates miss mom or dad, they’ll be able to open any or all of the notes and feel instant warmth. 

Features of Kind Notes:

  • 31 themed messages and linen envelops included in complete sets.
  • Choose from library of pre-printed messages.
  • Option to personalize notes or create customized designs.
  • Great for graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, get well gifts, client appreciation, romantic gifts or just because.
  • To be opened each day or anytime.
  • The possibilities to bring those smiles are endless. 

The founder of KindNotes came up with this idea when she wanted to send a letter to her then-boyfriend but she thought a letter a day might scare him away. Instead, she wrote 31 short notes onto small pieces of paper, stuffed them into mini envelopes and put them in a decorated jar. Her then-boyfriend would read a note each day and it would make him smile. They have since gotten married. Now, she has made KindNotes available to everyone. People around the world are able to bring 31 moments of joy, time and time again.

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