computerscreenWhatever you do,  do not cut and post the message. Do not share it with all of your friends. Too many millions of people have received the hoax from clueless do-gooders just trying to help their friends. This is the reason why the hoax never dies.

People share it thinking they are going to”help” everyone else with this incredibly valuable piece of information . It is just a hoax that won’t die.

To be clear; No, Facebook does not own the copyright to everything you post on Facebook; no, posting of a  “statement” about your “rights” doesn’t actually establish them or override Facebook’s Terms of Service; and yes, you are an idiot if you fell for this … again.

That’s what we call a Zombie Hoax; no matter how many times it is debunked, it refuses to die.

Please help kill this zombie and never share it again

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