Summer Savings Tips That Can Help

listening musicSummer just started and it is a financially slow time of the year for many people since kids are out of school and families are traveling. Teachers aren’t working and most businesses are on slow season. Things can get tight.

After a quick chat with Joe Eppy, founder and chief visionary at The Eppy Group, here are the tips that he suggested you can get ahead of.

  • Leave your car behind as much as possible. Car-pooling and taking advantage of city transportation will be one of the biggest ways to save during summer.
  • Look for free things to do. Check for free days museums hold
  • Cancel your cable TV for the summer. You might not miss it.
  • Save on air conditioning by keeping the windows open or slightly cracked at night with the fans on low.
  • Turn down the heat knob on your dryer. Take advantage of an old-fashioned way of drying clothes outside on the hanger
  • Have a family yard sale. Don’t forget to check attics and basements for things you will likely never want or use again.
  • Visit the library often. You’ll find yourself lost in exploring pages of books, and before you know it the time has passed without even having to spend a dime.

Summer should be a time of respite not stress.  Hopefully, the above suggestions can help.

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