Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.04.53 PMWriter, producer, role model and game changer are only a few of the many descriptors for Shonda Rhimes. In one word, overachiever summarizes this powerful Hollywood figure, and millions across the country are inspired by her passion, drive and energy. Shonda has helped change the entertainment landscape; she’s said yes to opportunity and she’s built a media empire through her own achievement, one twisty plot at a time.

Everyday overachievers, like Shonda, not only excel in their professional lives; they excel in personal passions as well, constantly striving to make the most out of every opportunity presented. Overachievers surround themselves with the right people and tools to help them accomplish their goals. Pilot Corporation of America (Pilot Pen) has a vital tool that keeps up with the fast paced nature of an overachiever’s daily life – the Pilot G2, the ultimate pen for the everyday overachiever. The G2’s proven longest lasting, smooth writing capabilities make it the perfect tool to overachieve, whether it’s editing a TV script like Shonda or jotting down a new business idea. Pilot’s G2 is America’s number one selling gel ink brand, available in four point sizes and 14 colors. With so much variety and customization, any go-getter can find the perfect G2 to suit their unique style.

To help these overachievers reach their full potential, Pilot Pen and Shonda Rhimes are partnering to award the G2 Overachievers Grant – a $50,000 grant to help enhance the reach of ordinary heroes who give back to their community in unique and impactful ways along with additional G2 overachievers prizing. The grant will recognize and celebrate an everyday overachiever who is changing the world through selfless purpose. Through acts that go above and beyond their everyday nine-to-five duties, truly making the world a better place. Entrants will need to submit up to 500 handwritten words expressing how you or someone you know is making a significant difference in the world. Submissions will be accepted until Oct. 31, 2016 on the G2 Overachievers website via scanned or photographed copies, or by mail to G2 Overachiever Contest, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, NY 14610. The winner will receive a $50,000 grant from Pilot Pen and the opportunity to meet an ultimate overachiever, Shonda Rhimes, at her Californiastudio ShondaLand.  Ten additional winners will be awarded a G2 Overachievers prize pack including pens, gift cards and more!

“The Pilot G2 Overachievers Grant is the perfect opportunity to celebrate those hardworking individuals striving to make a real difference in other’s lives,” said Shonda Rhimes. “I use the G2 almost every day to help craft stories that bring happiness to fans, so it gives me joy to be part of rewarding those who are positively impacting their communities through the Overachievers program!”

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