waving flagThe world is in a state of panic of Election 2016. The fact of the matter is that people have always had differing opinions. You think we are in bad times?  The answer to that is no we are not . Here are three presidents that were absolute disasters, but we survived.


#3  President Herbert Hoover

He could not talk. No, seriously he was the worst communicator to ever be in the White House. He served as the 31st President of the United States  serving 1929–1933). He was a professional mining engineer and was raised as a Quaker, but had no idea how to manage the country. Hoover built the damn, but he single handedly helped the economy tank.He created many sub-departments and committees, overseeing and regulating everything from manufacturing statistics, the census and radio, to air travel. In some instances he “seized” control of responsibilities from other Cabinet departments when he deemed that they were not carrying out their responsibilities well. Hoover became one of the most visible men in the country, often overshadowing Presidents Harding and Coolidge. Washington wags referred to Hoover as “the Secretary of Commerce… and Under-Secretary of Everything Else!”He opposed federal anti-lynching laws, and when lynchings occurred in the South, including once incident linked to his party’s efforts to ‘Republicanize’ southern states, he offered only verbal condemnation. Hoover was so hated that Franklin D. Roosevelt was the sure choice after him.

#2 President  John Tyler

He was the first president to rise by succession from the vice presidency—when William Harrison succumbed to pneumonia only 30 days after being sworn into office. Born into the planter aristocracy, Tyler began his political career as a Jefferson Republican. He supported slavery hands down with little to no need to tone down his thoughts of it. He was so hated by his party  that they completely turned their back on him and refused to talk to him.


#1 Warren G Harding.

Warren was the 29th President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1921 until his death August 2 1923.  He played poker in the White House and allowed his friends to use the treasury as their own private bank and allowed his mistress, Nan Britton to run the halls unrestrained or censored. He was a former newspaperman and publisher who won a string of offices in his native Ohio, he was an unrestrained womanizer. Every one of his  crony friends profited beyond their wildest dreams. Harding’s appointment of Harry M. Daugherty as Attorney General received more criticism than any other. Daugherty’s Ohio lobbying and back room maneuvers were not considered to qualify him for his office.When the scandals broke in 1923 and 1924, Daugherty’s many enemies were delighted at the prospect of connecting him with the dishonesty, and assumed he had taken part in Teapot Dome, though Fall and Daugherty were not friends. In February 1924, the Senate voted to investigate the Justice Department, where Daugherty remained Attorney General.

If we survived these guys, we will survive the upcoming election.

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