BWIM-Theatrical-Sample-Image-Website-v1“Black Women In Medicine” documentary is inspired by the courageous physicians whose contributions are chronicled in the film.

Crystal R. Emery exists to inspire others to challenge the self-imposed and other-imposed barriers to reach their fullest potential. A Black woman from New Haven, Connecticut’s inner city, she’s gone on to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment and to be published by Time Magazine. When illness (a form of muscular dystrophy) shut down use of her limbs, she didn’t allow herself to be written off. Instead she thought bigger, becoming a director, playwright and author, while running a youth charity. “Black Women in Medicine” is her second feature-length documentary.

Today, only 4.5% of all doctors in the United States are African American and 2% of all physicians are Black women. This sobering statistic has real-life implications for the health of our country.
Crystal shares these wise words:

When I began “Black Women in Medicine”, I had no idea how big it would get or where it ultimately would take me. I did know, however, that something deep within me, that sacred place where universal mind resides, kept telling me, “This story must be told.” And the good spirit guided me through the ups and downs, never allowing me to give up. Help me to bring the unbelievable, heartwarming stories of female physicians to viewers everywhere by participating in the “Black Women In Medicine” IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign so that others will begin to step into their greatness.

Be a part of sharing the stories of African American women in medicine with audiences in New York City and Los Angeles as we demonstrate the power of positive role models in nurturing the next generation of doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals.

Join the support  team and get them to the Oscars.

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