deskThe first Monday in November redefines opportunity in the career world. It’s Job Action Day!

Whether you currently employed and contemplating a career move, unemployed or just curious about the current job market, Job Action Day is for you.  Get the tools and resources to master a new job search and land the career of your dreams!  Or, maybe learn how to make the job you have into your dream job.  Whichever path you are on, Job Action Day is about exploring the different opportunities available, maybe even ones you didn’t know were there.

Here are three ways to celebrate.

Step away from your cell phone. Wean yourself off the habit of checking and responding to every non-emergency missive. Start slowly: Turn your phone off for just an hour a day.

Schedule your break time on your calendar. It may sound silly. Many of us never stop to eat our lunch. Schedule your lunch on your outlook calendar. It will prevent people from booking a meeting at that time.

Just say ‘No. Once you’ve determined your priorities at work, whether it’s spending time answering emails or reviewing your work load for the day be prepared to taper off other obligations that suck time away from those priorities.

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