Monday Motivation: How To Change Your World Now

emailIf you’re feeling extreme disappointment this is not a time for hopelessness or despair. Here is how you can channel your concerns.

Lobby elected officials.

Contact your elected officials, from the federal to local level, to make them aware of the causes and liberties you want to protect.


Participate in or organize peaceful protests against sexism, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia. This is where social media comes in handy. A simple “anyone know of a peaceful protest in [fill in the blank] city” status should do the trick.Volunteer or intern with Take Back the Night, or participate in a local event. If there isn’t one already, plan one. Get acquainted with a local Black Lives Matter chapter to find out about upcoming events. Visit

Work with the next generation.

Volunteer at after school educational and mentoring programs like Dave Eggers’ 826 National, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or Reading Partners.

Support action against climate change.

Sign the Nature Conservancy’s Climate Action Pledge. Volunteer with NextGenClimate. Become involved in activist groups (find some here) to fundraise, lobby elected officials, and organize meet-ups and rallies.

Protect America against gun violence.

Sign petitions and donate to organizations that seek to enforce responsible gun ownership laws.

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