prime-minister-may-white-houseSpeaking before the first joint press conference of the Trump Administration, the British Prime Minister Theresa May said she had obtained Trump’s reassurance that he stands behind NATO, despite his earlier comments.

She explained her opposition to any weakening of Russian sanctions until the Minsk agreement for a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine is upheld, getting ahead of Trump’s upcoming call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We are united in our recognition of NATO as the bulwark of our collective defense and today we’ve reaffirmed our unshakable commitment to our alliance, Mr. President, I think you said—confirmed, that you are 100% behind NATO. But we’re also discussing the importance of NATO continuing to ensure it is as equipped to fight terrorism and cyber-warfare as it is to fight more conventional forms of war. We have, as far as the U.K. is concerned on sanctions for Russia in relation to their activities in the Ukraine, we have been very clear that we want to see the Minsk Agreement fully implemented,” she said. “We believe the sanctions should continue until we see that Minsk Agreement fully implemented and we’ve been”

May said she would continue to encourage her fellow leaders to spend to meet that mark. to argue that inside the European Union. The Prime Minister is head of the UK government and is ultimately responsible for the policy and decisions of the government.As head of the UK government the Prime Minister also:

  • oversees the operation of the Civil Service and government agencies
  • appoints members of the government
  • is the principal government figure in the House of Commons

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