All of us can be equipped to defend our faith; it doesn’t require a master’s degree in apologetics; it doesn’t require a library full of books, a radio show, or a podcast. It simply requires a personal commitment to learn the truth and defend it to others.

Journalism has been under fire since the election season last year. The upcoming film ‘The Case For Christ‘ brings forth two practical methods for proving the existence of Christ.

1- There are substantial shared facts. Isolating the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and John. Read through each account, flipping back and forth to compare the events as they are described by all three authors. Matthew and Mark often agree precisely on the details of events, John often adds something previously omitted. As you compare the accounts, highlight and note the differences. If you examine these written differences carefully, you will be struck by the details. Can they be harmonized? Are they truly contradictory? Can perspective or literary purpose explain the differences? The Bible is more than a book containing spiritual truth, it is a book of history including real geographic locations (many of which still exist today or have been located by archeologists). We can now “reconstruct” the geography of ancient Palestine to help us understand the events recorded in Scripture.

Lee walks you through this in his book in an intelligent engaging way.

Journalist check and recheck a story if they are worth their salt.

The truth has to have certain qualities. In his book Lee Strobel points out that his research lead him to a straightforward, exhaustive logical conclusion. The film guarantees a true journalistic approach.

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