88 Year Old Author Explains How Boomers Can Avoid Premature Decline

Why do some people remain healthy and youthfully vital as they age while others are in a state of relentless decline?  Is it genetic disposition, physical activity, diet, luck — or something else and more importantly, what can be done about it?”

At lot can be done about it according to Barbara Morris, 88 year-old anti-aging expert and author of a new book, The New Put Old on Hold now available on Amazon.

The author who is a pharmacist, author of five self help books and creator of the successful PutOldonHoldJournal.com reveals what every older woman needs to know to avoid what she calls “culturally induced decline”.

She explains, “After Social Security was created, a leisure-oriented retirement mindset and lifestyle model gradually developed over the years that is responsible for much of the rapid, premature deterioration of older men and women.  Until now, no one has identified the problem or offered a solution.”

Barbara Morris shakes up readers’ horse and buggy beliefs about aging, provides food for thought and invaluable suggestions for youthfully thriving in the older years — along with a piece of her mind. The first step, she says, is exposing mistaken beliefs most everyone has about old age — and then tossing those misconceptions in the trash and replacing them with a new and realistic model for aging.

Nothing is off the author’s plate: finding love, living in a retirement community (“A hybrid of a minimum-security prison and a cemetery”), volunteering (“I have mixed feelings about seniors working without pay”), and dealing with stereotypes (“I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been told ‘You are so wonderful for your age'”). Morris says, “Yes, I’m wonderful, but my age has nothing to do with it. I, and not my age made my wonderfulness happen. Other women can create the same magic when they know what I know.”

In this fast paced and thought-provoking book, Barbara Morris explores the traditional leisure-oriented mindset and lifestyle and explains how and why it accelerates premature decline — and what can be done to reverse it.

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