It’s summer! For many of us we would love to have a great backyard.

If you are  tight on a budget try these cool tips. I promise you will have as much fun creating them as enjoying them.

Milk Crate Oasis

Pretty simple put all you need is to milk crates and a steel paint bucket. Pretty cool right?

Container Genius

Party center and Michael will be your friends for this.  You can get the sturdy plastic containers from  the container store. You can buy 3 inch  wood  boards, wrap them in fabric and take the grass hut supplies from party city to create a great backyard space your friends will love. You also have a place to store things.

Crate Seat  Heaven 

The above is cheap and easy. Uline offers wood skids. You can stack them. Treat them and add simple pillows and cushions.

The key thing here is that you can keep the cost down and have a great relaxing oasis.

Happy creating!


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