Sunlight Not Enough To Give Optimum Vitamin D Levels This Summer

Instavit®, a health supplement company that provides an oral spray instead of pills, is warning consumers that sunlight may not be enough to avoid Vitamin D deficiency this summer. June 20th marks the first day of Summer and Instavit wants consumers to be educated on the potential effects of the hot summer sun.
“Only people within a 150-mile radius of the equator in some parts of Australia aren’t vitamin D deficient*,” said Instavit inventor, Dr. Jatin Joshi. “The study shows that even 70% of people in sundrenched areas like Florida, Southern California, and Arizona can be vitamin D deficient. If people living in those areas are, people living in those cooler, rainy, parts really need to be taking a vitamin D vitamin.”
The summer months are symbolic of so many things, including being a catalyst for nature and the sun shinning. It’s a welcome change after a sometimes long, cool winter and/or rainy, wet spring. With the start of Summer, Instavit is reminding consumers that even though they may be outside more often than normal, they are probably still vitamin D deficient and may need to be taking vitamin D to supplement their exposure to the sun.
Instavit’s Vitamin D spray is doctor-formulated and the so-called ‘sunshine supplement’. Vitamin D is essential to healthy bones, teeth, and immune & brain function. Vitamin D is also said to help prevent certain cancers. Instavit’s Vitamin D spray includes 28 doses per bottle and has zero sugar, zero calories and is pure and portable.
Instavit developed from a doctor’s need for a convenient, quick-absorbing vitamin supplement to recover from surgery. The company is committed to fitness and quality lifestyles, to use and share their line of vitamin and health supplement sprays. Their products leverage the latest oral spray technology, have top quality ingredients and smart packaging, and deliver you a fast and modern approach to energy, sleep and health support.
To celebrate the June 20th start of the Summer season, Instavit is offering 20% off your purchase on the company’s website with code: SUMMER. Instavit products are also sold at retailers nationwide including Vitamin Shoppe, Meijer and Amazon.
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