Saturday Night Family Friendly Movie Picks

I can’t tell you how much you need to get your PureFlix account. If you have Netflix and are Christian you owe it to yourself to get Netflix! This week’s PureFlix picks are all are what I love to call career takes.

In any event, I ave chosen three good movies for you this week.


The Marshalls are enjoying the American dream. Peter has a high paying job, which enables Elaine to be a stay-at-home mom in their beautiful home.

Fast forward 9 years and Peter is out of work, Elaine is waiting tables, and their home is in foreclosure.

Take a look at the trailer for a taste.

The Ultimate Life

Jason Stevens’ world is unraveling until he discovers his late grandfather’s journal and learns about Red Stevens’ incredible rags-to-riches life.

With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason hopes he can discover the ultimate life.

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