‘Greenleaf’ Episode 1 Season 2 Reminds Us That Struggle is Normal

Tonight we saw every member of the ‘Greenleaf‘ meet struggle in a different way.

  • Bishop James Greenleaf  faced the struggle of supporting his children.
  • Lady Mae struggles with what being the rock means for her adult children.
  • Grace struggles with the actions she committed and what the repercussions could be.
  • Charity struggles with the  fact that she still loves her husband but wants a career.

Strength is measured by what you can withstand – your capacity. Pliability, flexibility, adaptability. Each of these are components to withstanding various challenges that you will encounter as you move forward in your life. As you move forward, your challenges will increase in direct proportion to your capacity to withstand them.

Periodically, review your life’s trajectory and see where you had intense periods of effort, possibly struggle. Give yourself credit for the progress you have made. This awareness is the key to building your strength and providing the wellspring from which your spirit can draw the next time you need to tap your reserves.

Always remember, you have it within yourself to achieve great and wonderful things. What are you facing today? How can you overcome it? What would you need to do so? How can you make it happen?

Lady Mae’s confession at the end paints a new level to struggle and how and why she did what she did and how she became who she has become.


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