50 Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics Travel Across the Country to Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

On September 1st, The Recovery Ranch will team with Ranch Hands Construction, sending 50 clean and sober gentlemen to the Gulf coast of Texas to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Their mission is simple; they wish to bring the same enthusiasm and commitment they apply to their recovery to those devastated by the hurricane.

Equipped with a fully outfitted work truck, a food trailer, and four vans full of recovering addicts and alcoholics, they will drive from their sober living home in Santa Ynez to the most impacted communities in Eastern Texas. These young men will make their way through Texas for at least two weeks and focus their efforts wherever the help is needed most. They will work tirelessly as a team in hopes of impacting as many lives as possible.

They will leave home with no ties to any other agencies or organizations. Their goal is to be fully autonomous and to target communities that may not be receiving as much attention from other larger relief groups. However, contributions from businesses of any size are welcome, and contributors will have their company logo displayed on the crew’s trailer.

This isn’t the first time The Recovery Ranch has joined in a relief effort. After Hurricane Matthew struck the east coast last year, the men at The Recovery Ranch immediately boarded a plane to Fayetteville, NC with nothing more than their backpacks and a desire to help. One week later, they returned home having cleared wreckage from thirteen flooded homes and having built a community’s worth of lasting relationships.

The goal this year is the same, to share the gratitude they have for their recovery with communities in need, and to continue their ongoing pursuit of service.

The Recovery Ranch is a men’s structured sober living located just north of Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez Valley. The program gives men of all ages the opportunity to work on the things that lead them to their dependence on alcohol and drugs. Through accountability, brutal honesty and living the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous on a daily basis, the gentlemen of Recovery Ranch learn how to live a responsible, purposeful and fulfilling life in sobriety.”

If you want to follow their journey you can below:

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