Jaci Velasquez: New Film ‘A Question Of Faith’ Zeroes In On Our Struggle To Forgive’

I have been a Jaci Velasquez fan for years. One of her biggest hits ‘ On My Knees’ is still on my playlist.

In her new film “A Question Of Faith’ focuses in on a judge remanding lead  Maria to a juvenile detention center after the teen strikes 12-year-old Eric with her car while texting. Joining Eric in the hospital is Michelle, a young singer who collapses while auditioning for a major record label. As their respective parents begin to question their faith, a chain of events unknowingly brings all three families together in unexpected ways.

Orethapedia. A Question of Faith is a new entry into the faith-based film market. Tell us a little about the film and the producers.

JV: Angela White is fantastic. She was very aware of how to work with female talent and made us feel very comfortable. She knows what she wants and worked with us to bring that out in our parts. I had such a great experience.

We filmed in Atlanta … And it was very warm! I remember walking on set and getting nervous about the fact that Kim Fields was standing right there. My husband Nic was just as excited to see Richard T. Jones, who was on set that day too.

Orethapedia:  What attracted you to this story and this character?

JV: I love the idea that there are three stories that intertwine at the end into a complete story. You never know how people’s lives intertwine and how someone’s choices can affect everything – be it bad or good.

Orethapedia: Pastor Newman, the lead character in the film, struggles with forgiveness. What was it like to see this storyline unfold?

JV: All I can tell you is the movie is about forgiveness and how we struggle offering it to others. The lead character goes through one of the most difficult experiences, one where it’s hard to imagine offering forgiveness. It makes us ask the question, what do we do when we’re faced with something that could either bring us closer to God or take us farther from Him? What a life lesson.

Orethapedia: Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, C. Thomas Howell, and T.C. Stallings all co-star in this film. Explain what working with this cast was like.

JV: It was a little intimidating. They’re all well respected actors. It made me nervous, but at the same time, excited. I was always conscious about bringing my A game.

The new film will change lives.

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