Simple Prostate Protection Diet That Works

Even if you only have one or two risk factors, healthy nutrition can help you prevent prostate cancer. Being overweight or obese is one of the biggest contributing factors to developing prostate cancer. Eating right and staying physically active helps keep your body mass index within a healthy range. Replace unhealthy foods with these options.

Nuts – Selenium is good for prostate health, and Brazil nuts contain 10 times your recommended daily allowance. Nuts also contain high levels of zinc, another mineral important to maintaining a healthy prostate. Nuts are high in protein, magnesium, and thiamin, all of which have health benefits.

Broccoli – Broccoli fights cancer. It is rich in sulforaphane, which helps the body detoxify itself and eliminates outside elements that may cause cancer. It also contains indole-3-carbinol, which suppresses cancer cell growth and lowers the production of protein specific antigen. One trial found men who eat broccoli more than once a week had a 45 percent less chance of developing advanced prostate cancer.

Cayenne – This bright red chili pepper contains capsaicin, which reduces pain and kills cancer cells. Capsaicin attacks cancer cells and causes them to self-destruct. It also fights atherosclerosis, prevents ulcers, and helps reduce your risk of diabetes.

Green tea – Men who drink at least three cups of green tea a day have a lowered risk of prostate cancer.

Pomegranates – Pomegranate extract slows prostate cancer cell reproduction and stops blood vessels from nourishing prostate tumors. Pomegranate juice is a great way to get it in.

Fish – Omega-3 fatty acids in fish both prevent prostate cancer and slow prostate tumor development. Eating fish can reduce your risk even if you’re genetically predisposed.

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