Many of us are too young to remember when soap-operas were 15 minutes long. During my parents youth of the 1950’s Saturday afternoons were filled with movie theater moments. They would attend the theater and get numerous 15 minute chapter pieces.

Well,Roma Downey and Will Packer have teamed to produce “The Baxters,” the first scripted drama series for Downey’s Lightworkers Media streaming platform. I was happy to announce this month’s ago here: Roma Downey Signs Karen Kingsbury ‘Baxter Family’ Book Series For TV

The details were revealed this week. The plan is to produce a first season consisting of 12 episodes that each run 11 minutes. A writers room is up and running with the hopes of starting production in the summer.

Downey has had the option on Kingsbury’s 26 novels for more than five years. The deal between Downey’s Lightworkers and Will Packer Media came together through the development work of MGM TV executive Katie Christian and Jaime Primak-Sullivan, head of digital development and production for Will Packer Media. Lightworkers is a joint venture of Downey, MGM Television and Digital and Mark Burnett, Downey’s husband who also heads MGM TV.

“We explored many avenues for this show,” Downey told Variety. “We believe digital is the way to bring it to life.”

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