5 Women In Faith Entertainment That Change The Game 2018

International Woman’s Day is important to women of faith too.

Choosing this year’s “Game Changers’ was hard. I have been doing this for three years in a row and this was the hardest year by far. Why? There are so many women who are out there changing the game and staking claim for Christ that choosing five was nearly impossible.

Take a look at my previous choices here:

This year each woman represents a quality that we as women should make part of our mantra.

Koryn Hawthorne-  The Woman of Focus

Focus is defined as  being able  to direct one’s attention or efforts to an action. Choosing Koryn was a no brainer. This young lady has all the talent, perspicacity and love of Christ that a seasoned woman would have. I remember watching her on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ and being struck by just how much she had going for her. Low and behold just as I anticipated she has delivered n buckets.  Her journey on the show was proof that the public star a star in her if given her chance.  She finished in 4th place on the show but the public did not forget her. Hawthorne was signed to  RCA Inspiration, a short time later and the rest has been a rocket ship ride.  Koryn appeared on Mary Mary‘s reality show displaying professional acumen that was stunning to see in someone so young. Though her drive was delivered with a storyline edge it was a lesson that was telegraphed to young America, know what your goals are.  Koryn’s lead singles for  hit faith shows  Saints & Sinners‘  andGreanleaf, this year will be the year that she shows young ladies that they can succeed with focus. Hawthorne has  two Stellar Gospel Music Awards nominations for New Artist of the Year and Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year.

Hollyn ‘The Woman Of Dedication’

Hollyn is unique in that she is in her early twenties and on her way to next level stardom. She started writing at the age of 14 and recorded her first EP at the age of 15. She has released three albums to date, mostly inspired by Southern Gospel Music greats, The Isaacs. Her album One-Way Conversations is a fresh original collection of music that displays just how far she has developed musically and the glimpse of her future greatness.  Her drive to bring the Good News to the masses is pure and honest. She has no room for compromise on this.


Roma Downey The Woman of Positivity and Progression 

I have always been a Roma Downey fan. No matter the time of day, Roma is the woman who brings you positivity. Recently  she put her thoughts into tangible actions. She launched Lightworkers. LightWorkers celebrates the good all around us—reminding us that the human spirit is unwavering, full of possibility and capable of inspiring change.

This is just one of her positive moves. She has worked on three of the most successful, influential Biblical entertainment endeavors we have seen in decades.  She helped produce The Bible, A.D. and The Son of God.The Bible has been watched by over 100 million viewers in the United States.It has been the number one downloaded series in iTunes and ranked on Amazon’s best sellers in movies and television. She will follow  the biblical stories with has  Messiah, a present-day Jesus drama series from writer Michael Petroni.

Well,to add another ripple to the water she is going to venture into a venture with one of the most famous book series in Christian history. She will venture into chapter episodes with Karen Kingsbury worldwide known novels. The 22-book series, starting with the book The Baxter Family REdemptionRedemption, tells the story of how John and Elizabeth Baxter, and their six adult children, come together over love, loss, laughter, and life in an epic drama that proves the strength of faith and family. The book series has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.


Karen Kingsbury The Woman of Substance

Most christian fiction book fans know Ms Kingsbury’s work. If you do not, you are missing some of the most deeply thought out inspirational writing you will ever read.  Her Baxters Family series single handedly takes on anger from the residue of past decisions, choices, actions, guilt, regret. For the modern day Believer,  her books tell the stories of folks set free and those still bound. She reminds you that there’s hope. It matters not what you’ve done. He is reaching for you to come out!  Each one of her books brings you there gently.

She places true substance and real life situations into her stories.

Jekalyn Carr The Woman Of Aspiration

The 20 year-old Billboard No.1 recording artist, actress, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and one of Ebony Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World recipient, Jekayln Carr, is set to release her first book “You Will Win!: Inspirational Strategies to Help You Overcome

The song ‘You Will Win’ alone is athematic of what we should all hold on to.

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

These are the women who will change the game in 2018.

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