Saturday Spirit Lifter Song: Deitrick Haddon ‘Have Your Way’


When I think of things I’ve done I shake my head/ If it wasn’t for your mercy I’d be dead/ God you sure know how to break a brother down/ My humility I’m saying now Lord/ Just have your way/ You can have your way Lord/ Just have Your way in me

On my way to Good Friday services yesterday I was struck by the wholeness of this song. It could be a Good Friday song, but it is most definitely  a Resurrection Song. The resurrection of Christ is vital because it is a necessary element of a saving faith. In both the Old and the New Testaments, a saving faith was a faith in a God’s who could and would raise men from the dead.

Belief in the resurrection of our Lord alone does not necessarily save a man. Reconciliation means bringing together those who are separated for one reason or another. By nature and choice we are all separated from God because of our self-centered rebellion against his authority and our deter­min­ation to go our own way.

Jesus’s death and taking on of our sins is a powerful invitation for us to allow God to have his way with us. His way in our hearts, lives and thoughts shapes us. The song sung by Deitrick Haddon hits all the points and more.

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