Snoop Dogg’s New Album Is Just the Right Spark

Snoop Dogg wouldn’t be the first person to receive criticism  about his music. He wouldn’t be the first to receive criticism in Christian music either. His new album is a gospel experience album.

I think gospel music fans are being too hard.  Here are the facts, music must grow and continue to reinvent itself. All art does that. If you continue to hold on to one way too long, you risk losing the salt that makes you flavorful. Generations change. A new generation of folks who are becoming less and less connected to God  and faith need a spark.

Snoop’s album  is a mix of new and old that creates just the right amount of engagement. As followers we are encouraged to fish in foreign lands. We are encouraged to go forth and speak to people in languages and examples that will express the love of God. When we are too critical people are turned off and point out that we just what they believed. They label us ancient, out of touch, myth perpetrators.  Being a bringer of good news by definition requires that you understand and speak in a language that people understand.

God’s laws are not arbitrary, but stem from who he is. And, because we are made in his image and for his glory, he gives us commands that reflect his character.God commands us to be holy, because he is holy. He commands us to speak the truth and not bear false witness against our neighbor, because he is a God of truth who cannot lie. He commands us to be faithful, for he trustworthy and keeps his word. He calls us to love, because he is love.

Snoop’s new album attempts to introduce new people to the gospel.

I reviewed the album here.

Snoop responded to critics  below.

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