Sunday Meditation: Trust God

Trust God.

Two simple words.

The power they contain is immeasurable. They are the biggest downfall f mankind. Think about it. Every-time something awful happened in the bible, it was because someone did not trust God.

– Adam and  Eve were thrown out of Paradise because they did not trust God.

-Aaron made a graven idol because he doubted Moses’s return. The Israelite fell into drunken abandon believing Moses to be dead. The punishment was an additional 40 years in the desert until the wicked generation died out.

-Abraham took his servant and conceived Ismael. This created all kinds of discord that we still see play out today.

God has written each of us into his story. We are part of something far greater than ourselves. God calls upon us to trust him to weave that story together. When times are tough and things aren’t going our way, that’s when we find it the most difficult to trust God. We doubt that God is going to come through for us, we lack faith in His promises, and we worry ourselves with endless thoughts about our future.

God wants us to trust Him when we’re having doubts and are unsure about what to do. He wants us to believe in His promises when we think that things are going to get worse. Let  Him be the Master of your life. He will lead you when you let him.

Know that God can and will work miracles on your behalf.  He can and will move mountains for you.

All you have to do is trust that He will come through for you.