In a stunning show of support for federal employees and their access to rights in the workplace, 21 House Republicans delivered a letter to President Trump expressing concern “that the recent Executive Orders embark upon a path that will undo many of the longstanding principles protected by law, which establish checks and balances not only in the federal workplace, but for the American public.”

American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. released the following statement:

“We are heartened by this showing of support for our members and all federal employees. Everyone benefits when management and bargaining unit employees can work together effectively and efficiently, something President Trump’s Executive Orders undermine. This Administration’s attempt to silence the voice of veterans, law enforcement officers, and all hardworking federal employees is not just deplorable, it is illegal. The EOs are a direct rebuke to the checks and balances in our Constitution and comes dangerously close to encroaching on the rights of Congress to legislate.

“Federal employees live in every zip code throughout the U.S. They are our neighbors, our little league coaches, and our community and congregational leaders. Over 30 percent are veterans. An attack on these hard-working employees is not just an attack on our communities, it’s an attack on our democracy. Thank you to those in the Majority who signed today’s letter and to Representative Brian Fitzpatrick for his leading the charge on this letter and standing up for what is right and supporting federal employees.”

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