While backpacks and clothes are some of the more obvious back to school must haves, a top concern for parents sending their kids back to school is the spread of germs.

There’s something about schools; the close proximity to hundreds of kids and shared desks, books and playgrounds that scream germs. While it is unrealistic for your kids to avoid germ-hubs like school and the playground completely, there are natural products that protect against daily germs – that don’t leave your youngsters hands feeling dry and smelling like alcohol.

The hand sanitizer spray is harsh chemical-free (no triclosan, quaternary ammonium or alcohol), has a delicate citrus scent, is moisturizing and the small design of the bottle allows for the product to effortlessly fit into any backpack. The spray component makes it easy for kids to apply to their hands, desks, and any other tainted surface at school.

Take a look at the list of qualities that I think make it a winner.

•Botanically Antibacterial
•Kills germs
•Gentle on sensitive skin
•Benzalkonium Chloride free
•Readily Biodegradable
•No harsh chemicals
•Fresh pleasant scent
•Kid safe formula
•Never tested on animals
•No gloppy gels
•Won’t sting cuts
•4x more uses per oz. than alcohol gels
•Leaves skin soft

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